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Stan Apps

On Social Art

If artists should only be social commentators and the majority of the world is inhumane, then art would be totally irrelevant. If this were so, the effects of a work of art on an audience would be irrelevant to its value. I’m sure the artist might defend it by saying he’s trying to provoke thought, but that is merely an escape from the harsh realities of our world. Artists have failed to address the need for cultural baggage and the beautiful opinions of the art establishment. Historically, the role of the artist has been as a mirror and commentator on the danger of artists becoming irrelevant. The notion of art as authentic because of identity is in fact supported by the Torah, but that is irrelevant. Art is the realm in which intentions are irrelevant; I want to reverse this perspective and speak of the poet who mistook his work for people disappearing. A dinosaur that once walked the surface of the earth gave a prize for “total freedom” in art, with the stipulation that the taste of someone else is irrelevant to the artist because “living is art.” Art that is at worst degrading or at best irrelevant is of no value to me, unless it is degrading of me, or irrelevant to me in particular terms of segregation or alienation. The upbeat optimism of the fashion photographer is sniffy and boring when it cannot be made into the commentator for the unspoken black masses. The court jester of the corporate fiefdom is a humble Christian commentator whose beliefs are true but irrelevant. The cartoonist has no excuse for using these silly Sixties-style rebels as frozen dead mutations. Artist conception of mutant kitty reading out long irrelevant pamphlets in Parliament is ugly, controversial, or dull depending on your point of view, irrelevant to our own experience of phrases like “I liked that” or “I didn’t like that.” Artists don’t achieve anything because they continue to deal with issues. If the world was a game, then why could I not be the commentator; noise doesn’t have any force and has run its course. The physical body is not irrelevant and the object of contemplation is broadcast live on the commentator’s mad mask. I am the artist flipping your concrete and concise burger. I think that there has never been a more irrelevant time to be a human being, artist, football commentator, or signifier present in the public domain.